Welcome to the Donjon System...

Why a donation-based selling model?

Ultimately I want people to read my work and, hopefully, get as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did in writing it. So the more people that do that, the happier I am.

That having been said, I am trying to make a living doing this, so I encourage anyone that's enjoying the story, to pay whatever they think its worth. You're enjoying the story and want to keep reading it, but you're broke? that's cool. Download 'em, read 'em and enjoy. But if you do have a few extra bucks, and you're enjoying the story, I sure would appreciate it if you'd shoot a couple of those bucks my way. I do have rent to pay, after all. So, whatever you think it's worth, and can comfortably afford would be greatly appreciated.

Dammit! I want the next episode, when does it come out?

New episodes are guaranteed to come out around the middle and end of each month. However, if time permits, and I get my blood all up, there may be extra episodes that month. It depends on how seized I am by the moment, and how my motivation levels are. But don't worry, you're guaranteed to get at least two episodes per month.

Can I read Donjon on my "X" device?

Yes. Donjon comes in a variety of formats (PDF, Epub, Mobi) which ensures you can always read your episodes no matter what. Currently, we support Mac / PC / Kindle (fire, DX, etc) / iPhone / iPad / Nook and Kobo Reader. We also have support for tablet and netbooks since the PDF format Donjon also comes with lets you go through the episodes in any personal computer.

I have other questions / I want to contact you / I want to comment on the story.

Sure! I'd love to hear from you! You can either use the facebook comments section to the right, or click theContact Mebutton to be taken directly to a contact form. Send me anything you like. Rants, hatemail, I'll do my level best to answer it all.